1. The Brazilian people is finally rising against government abuse. A peaceful protest against the public transport prices. What does the government do? Repress them aggressively as if they were outlaws (that last image? She is a reporter who was shot in the eye with rubber bullets).

    To anyone thinking Brazil is a fast developing fairy land, where magic soccer players and gorgeous ladies dressed in feathers sing and dance all night long.

    Take another look. This is what Brazil really is today. People who have been misused by the government all their lives. Who give almost half of what they make to get nothing in return. And politicians who couldn’t care less about the lack of education, or the people dying in the lines to health care.

    In the words of Milton Nascimento, “It is the strongest and slow dose, of a people who laughs when it’s supposed to cry, and does not live, only withstands.”

    I just hope all these brave people hang in there. My heart and my thoughts are with them.